12,50 / month for 12 months

Mensual regular membership

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Mensual membership

The mensual subscription is a 12 months contract, the payment is automatic and need to be processed monthly to access Protennisplace services. Be sure you have capabilities before engaging yourself into a monthly subscription. Any month unpaid stops immediately the access of coaches and players to all paid services (classifieds, coach directory, partners…). A contract is an engagement, it commits you and must be paid for the period it lasts (12 months for mensual regular membership).

  • Your subscription is for a period of one year from subscription date.
  • The fees will be paid on a monthly basis.
  • No % will be requested on created collaborations.
  • Contacts and collaborations created are confidential and free.
    (The website has a private and secure messaging system for making contacts).
  • Coaches and sparrings are free of their rates. The website does not interfere at any time in the relationship, its one and only goal is to put tennis actors in touch with each other.
  • Members up to date with their subscription can post free on the site.
  • Partner offers will be offered to members.

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