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Save money on your membership and earn money after sponsoring nearby coaches & players!

protennisplace ambassadors


Becoming ambassador allows you to have some advantages. Sponsoring players and coaches to join the platform and the community gives you those.


Help players & coaches

A personal promotion code that offers coaches and players a 30% reduction on the registration amount of 120 euros regular membership or 180 euros ambassador membership.


Earn Money

For each registration with this code a remuneration of 42% of the annual subscription before reduction (120€), 50 €/sponsorship = 4 sponsorships per year refund your 180 € registration fee and you start making money for every additional sponsorship.


For Life

When the ambassador carries out 30 sponsorships without limit of time: he becomes an ambassador for life and no longer pays his annual subscription but he continues to receive 50 euros for each sponsorship.


Partners helping

The ambassador, like the members, will benefit from advantages negotiated for him by protennisplace in stores and partner brands.